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Live a life you can be proud of

We believe men should always strive for their goals and enjoy the journey along the way. Our goal is to bring true innovation to men’s care, so that you can get closer to your goals and enjoy the journey.

It all starts here.

Hey, I’m Angel, the founder and lead chemist at Strive.

Growing up, I always had dark under-eye circles that often led people to ask if I was either tired or even “high.”

It really messed with my confidence, you know? But I didn’t do anything about it until I started working in sales after school. That’s when it hit me – people judge and treat you differently based on how you look, whether they realize it or not.

I recognized that taking care of my appearance would help me achieve most of my goals, from dating to being more likable and even making more sales. So, I decided to go all-in on improving myself, and part of that was starting a skincare routine.

Not only did my dark circles fade, but I also felt like a whole new person – confident and ready to take on the world. Life just got a little easier. It was like I had this secret weapon that most guys didn’t know about. But then I thought, “Why should this be a secret? This could be huge for so many guys.”

The problem was, everyone makes skincare confusing as hell, and the products for men were just terrible. That’s why I became a chemist and created Strive – to help men who strive towards their goals more easily achieve the outcomes they want.

When you look good, you feel good, and you perform well. So this is our way of helping you along your journey to your goals.

Enjoy the journey, my friends.

– Angel

What are you working towards?
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What are you working towards?
Share it with #striveon